Ravi Shankar, the master

Ravi… the dream weaving sitar master and leading voice of Hindustani classical music in the 20th century. Ravi Shankar inspired the Western world of music and introduced the voice of classical Indian music to so many. One of my first musicial introductions to him was through the Beatles and the raga style that grew in the 60s.

This type of music, Hindustani…Carnatic… is one of the closest experiences I could compare to time travel, to escaping this realm of consciousness and abandoning the known five senses. I can feel the history in this music, in the sounds of the tabla, tanpura, the style originating in Vedas, the oldest Hindu scriptures. I can feel the LOVE.

I love meditative time with his melodies. I imagine walking barefoot in forests after rain, stepping on roots and soil, laying on carpets, palms facing upwards in the dark, the strong scents of tea, the feeling of colours, balancing and feeling my centre, I imagine spinning and moving and the sounds of rushing water.

I dream often of India, one day my collective of atoms will find its way into such a profound and ancient culture and environment. This place has so much to teach me and I cannot wait for its lessons.

Other musicians to dream to: Ali Akbar Khan, Tansen.

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