What’s my line?

I’m in a funky Van Morrison mood this week and this song is absolutely how I stand in life right now.

I’m happy cruising by, taking my time, letting my love grow.


And I come home to my music and books on zen,

Kerouac’s Dharma Bums and On The Road.

Spend my weekends sharing moments with friends and finding where I belong, and knowing love and building on it.

Van Morrison is the most romantic musician I know and how could life be anything but romantic?

I am absolutely forever struck down to my soul by And It Stoned Me,
My heart opens with Queen of The Slipstream, Warm Love, Slim Slow Slider, Bright Side of the Road, Sweet Thing, Dweller on The Threshold,
Astral Weeks transcends and takes me to other realms.
Those sax solos, MmHmm.

He’s taken me longer to discover in lifetime of music loving, but how much greater is everything with him in it?

Van The Man, the Celtic Soul, the richest voice, nostalgic dreams, lyrically excellent and complex, simple and natural energy, makes my life great.

And life is wild!

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