The Witch of Positano

Vali Myers
Vali Myers




the witch of positano,
has red clay hair
thick matted fire
a fox born in nature
her dogs, millions of them,
run wild with her on their canyon
high on il porto
with gianni her young lover
feeding the hens sheep and admiring her
she sits with candles and gold paints
in dusky haze of an opium past
eyes painted in charcoal
little lines swirling to create art
of lysergic flights, women
Madonna, witches, shaman,

the female mystic,
women are the powerful
and she is the pagan spirit
primeval, telluric
neck hung with talismans, jewels, beads
her face, hands, feet, canvases
of ink tattooed patterns
and here she stays in her moorish pavilion
a wild eden,

Come into the world and go
she says,
with every beetle, every bird,
but she appears in my friend,
in paintings books and him,
energies drawn with her,
makes her studio a home
now finding her in pieces
dogtooth necklace
old opium tins filled with ochre
rusted frogs that whistle and click
with paintings
and old friends
all blessing her name, vali,
the witch of positano.

– A little working interpretation of the artist Vali Myers.

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