Chabuca Granda

Born in Peru, ‘Chabuca Granda’ is a musician and composer, her music dramatic and almost haunting. I love her song Cardo o cenizo most of all. In my life-time quest to learn Spanish, the Romance Language, I enjoy and prefer listening to more classical and criolla music, mostly by Latin composers (they are easier to understand). I especially like Trio Los Panchos, Tim Maia (Brazil) and the modern Mana, Manu Chao.

I fill my empty days by knitting, reading, painting, searching for direction and careers, while I watch all of my favourite Latin and Spanish films, occasionally only listening to the words. Movies such as Biutiful, Eloise, No!, Infancias Clandestinas, Maria Full of Grace, Amores Perros, Y tu mama tambien, Diarios de los motocicletas, Pan’s Labyrinth, El Topo.

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