Old Man

His eyes are wide and a fading, cloudy blue. Those pale blue eyes challenge the listener but also listen intently. He is dressed smart, in a button-up white shirt, which shrinks his elderly frame, and a black wristwatch. His hands ball up under his nose when he listens, before he offers his response, waving the right hand and directing his topic outwards. Despite his age, his hair is a light blonde, covering his entire scalp. His eyebrows are that familiar bristly wild grey that is a mark of many older men.

He is a man of words, now and in his past. His hands are smooth and direct the listener with an experienced, unspoken ease. Whatever he talks about, his audience will listen. They will follow the hands. The heavy wrinkles on his neck will shake and his forehead will crease into three thick lines. The thin lips of his mouth are bent in a permanent downturn, an upside down smile, but his words are not lost on us.

(A feature writing description exercise)

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