Taking the plunge – Journalism

One bride is putting on her heels, the kind of heels she dreamt about as a girl. Simone is putting on her harnesses; at the same place she met her husband four years ago today. One groom is waiting for his love at the altar, his family sitting in the pews of the church. Stef is waiting for Simone on the cliffs of Kangaroo point, their family and friends standing at the base. Both couples are getting married today. And for both couples, this is a day they will remember forever.

For any couple, their wedding day can be a frightening leap but for Stef and Simone, this is exactly what they wanted, meeting half-way down the rocky precipice with a kiss to recite their vows.

“Since being with you, my eyes have never strayed. They never will,” Stef said. “You have the ability to motivate me without nagging. You’ve made me write lists for God’s sake. You’re my 3.14, you’re my salty buttery goodness, you’re my one and only and I love you.”

Stef cries, his bride beams, and the crowd cheered.

More and more, couples today are choosing different ways to celebrate their marriage. Where most people once chose to host Church weddings, unconventional approaches such as Stef and Simone’s abseiling wedding are becoming a popular way to spend this special day. The ritual of weddings is becoming redefined in the modern world today. A wedding is no longer just church and steeple. Couples today are finding ways to make the day theirs, choosing a place or event that is special to them. Whether it’s on a cliff, underwater, Lord of the Rings themed, weddings are now becoming a unique expressions of the couples being wed and for Stef and Simone, abseiling is a unique experience for them.

Simon said, “As we hang here today I want to tell you the top five reasons why I love you.

1) You inappropriate chicken dancing at Coles

2) Your pickiness about crisp vegetables

3) For being a germaphobe about our bathroom but overlooking our unwashed bed sheets

4) For never farting in front of me despite your renowned farting skills and

5) for still letting me eat peanuts regardless of your anaphylaxis. So for these reasons and many more I vow to keep you as my one and only lover. To be together until we are old saggy and senile, until we are unable to recognise each other but still fall in love every morning at the nursing home breakfast table eating our bowls of Coco Pops. I love you so much and can’t wait to start a family and have lots of little chicken dancing babies together.”

Source and quotes from Susan H: http://susansnaps.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/march-9-day-68-taking-plunge.html

(Description exercise for Journalism)

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